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Isn’t this so true? Posted on Instagram by @v.egan.things

The Instagram post above, posted by @v.egan.things, it totally true. Don’t you agree? It shows how our mindsets are REALLY warped. We believe what we are told to believe. For example, a murderer would be imprisoned if they kill someone. Yet, the workers at the slaughterhouse, murder millions of animals every day and it is ok. Yes, they are doing their job – the job that they were hired to do. And because we are eating the meat from those animals, we are effectively hiring those people to kill for us. No blood on our hands right? We love animals, but yet we kill billions of them a year. Is there really a difference between killing a dog or a pig?

Research on veganism and animal cruelty

Going into 2019, I continue my research and education about veganism and animal cruelty. I honestly feel like I have lived in a bubble my whole life. A bubble that shielded me from knowing the source of the meat that I ate. In the supermarket, meat is usually packaged nicely in pieces, no fur/feathers on it, and with little blood. Sometimes there would be a head on a chicken (mostly in Asian supermarkets), but I would look away. And occasionally, would be reminded when finding a feather still attached to the packaged chicken, that the chicken was just that – a REAL chicken that was once alive.

I love animals and to actually see (thanks to animal rights activists who work hard to get behind the scenes footage of what really happens in the slaughterhouse) what they go through is heart-wrenching as well as stomach churning. I really admire animal activists and how passionate they are about stopping the torture and slaughter of innocent animals – while facing a lot of hate from others and even death. I saw something about an 80 something-year-old activist who spoke out against the meat companies and they gunned her down. Meat companies with huge profits wiping out the truth???

Animal activists and their loneliness

I have read posts on Instagram from activists like Ryuji Chua (@peacebyvegan) and Cristina (@cristina_the_activist) about their feelings of loneliness in their mission to save the animals (and educate the world) and having the desire to be by themselves during the holidays. But why does this have to be? Shouldn’t we be joining them in re-educating the world?

Why does a baby calf need to be stolen from her mom almost immediately after birth? I saw a video of mommy cow licking her newborn to clean him. OMG! How cute is that scene? Well, what follows is pretty horrible – mom is hooked up to a machine and her milk is stolen for humans to drink. To have a sustainable animal milk source for human consumption, animals must constantly be pregnant and give birth. Think about this – there is no milk if the cow is not pregnant. So, the vicious cycle is to impregnate the cow, steal her baby and her milk over and over again. To me, this really doesn’t make sense. We are not cows, so why should we drink her milk? Can you picture us squatting on the ground below mom, drinking her milk directly from the source? Didn’t think so!!! We have been brainwashed since childhood that milk is good for us and makes stronger bones.

Animal milk alternatives

In this day and age, we have alternatives. We can drink milk derived from plants. There is soy, almond, coconut, cashew (yes cashew!) and pea milk. You probably didn’t know, but a lot of these kinds of milk contain the same if not more protein than milk. Take some time and read the labels.


It is rather funny, because the last time my family was in the car, my daughter pointed out to me that every time we are in the car, I talk about the cruelty that animals go through and why we shouldn’t eat them; the work that animal activists are doing; the films that I have been watching, etc. Anyway, the point is: I didn’t even realize I was constantly talking about it. So, it turns out that I have the perfect audience – one held in captivity!

Escaping from my bubble

I am now emerging from my bubble and believe that everyone else should too. We are so brainwashed. Big brother is watching.

Whether you decide to become an active animal rights activists, stay behind the scenes and educate or simply adopt a vegan life – you have the choice.

In this thing called life, you have the power to do what is right. Cheers to that!

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Not so tough to be kinder – Monica

Doesn’t the title of this post sound too serious?  Indeed. It sounds like a major event in history or something like that.  But it is just a blog from little ol’ me, on day 3 after committing myself to a life without eating animals, using their by-products (eggs, milk, etc.), or purchasing any animal products.  I admit that I have a 5-year-old pair of leather winter boots and only one leather handbag, but I will continue to wear them out completely, in honour of the animals that sacrificed their lives.

Love desserts too much?

For a dessert/baked goods lover, I must say that looking at a pastry display is tough. The desserts look so beautiful and tempting with the whipping cream and chocolate shavings.

It definitely seems like a challenge to swap out eggs and milk cream and butter – because those ingredients are mainstream. I already cut down lately though and usually do not buy store-bought cookies and cake – mainly because there are too many unknown ingredients inside.  Too bad most bakeries do not offer vegan options at this time. 

Birthday party

Was having some friends over for our pup, Winter’s 3rd birthday, so I bought a store-bought Bailey’s Cheesecake mousse (used to be one of my favs).  But then, I thought that it would be weird if everyone was eating cake, but not me.  I figured I would quickly whip up a batch of my favourite blondies (pictured above) – modified to be vegan-friendly.  The recipe called for three eggs, which I swapped for 2 medium-sized bananas; and the butter, I swapped for vegan butter.  The dessert did not taste exactly as before, but was still delish! 

I can eat happily, knowing that no animals were harmed in order for me to eat the dessert going into my mouth. In this thing called life, that is all I can hope for.

Cheers to modified recipes!

“To be, or not to be vegan” – that is the question…


This blog is dedicated to daughter, Kelly, who always inspires me to be my best. As well, thanks to animal activists such as James Aspey (@jamesaspey on Instagram) and other vegans out there, for loving the amazing animals and being their voices.  Also, thanks to Ryuji Chua (@peacebyvegan on Instagram) for his post explaining how detached we are from the animal and the end product (for example: the cow and the steak on our table).  I believe most of us would stop eating meat if the animal was standing right next to us.

If you have read my other blogs, you would know that I am currently in a state of self-reflection and searching for a gateway to better health (mainly for disease prevention).  Everyday,  we hear news of people (including family and friends) diagnosed with cancer, dying from cancer, having strokes and heart attacks; sky-high rates of obesity, etc.  The research shows that many health problems are linked directly to one’s diet. To me, this is a true wake-up call that something needs to be done. 

As I get older, I am much more aware that many diseases are preventable (example: Type-2 diabetes) or that the progression of a disease such as dementia can be slowed down.  Despite what popular culture might believe, it is not a must for us to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia in our old age. 

Vegetarian Diet

As you may know already, as part of my personal ‘get healthier’ initiative (as well as my love for animals), I have not eaten meat from an animal since September of this year.  However, I am currently still eating seafood, eggs and having milk in my coffee.   

My continued self-reflection, love of animals and online research reminds me that I don’t want to eat animal meat and by-products, and do not wish to purchase leather or other animal products again.  I believe the death and torture of animals for my personal consumption or use is on me.  I might as well kill and torture them myself. 

What does it really mean to be “vegetarian” and “vegan”? 

It is natural for people to apply a label to everything and everyone.  This is sadly how our society works.  Based on my online research, in a nutshell, to be “vegetarian” means that you do not eat meat from an animal.  And to be “vegan”, means that you do not eat any animals (including seafood) or their by-products (such as eggs, milk), and do not use any animal products (such as leather, fur, etc.).

To me, the irritating thing is – being vegetarian and vegan is viewed often as something negative, or prompts certain comments.  For example, when people find out I am no longer eating animals, they say things like: “Oh, make sure you get enough nutrients, protein and iron.” When someone mentions they are “Vegan”, the first thought is probably that of an extreme animal rights activist lobbying near the slaughter houses.  By why does this have to be?  This is the real problem.  Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, I can say that we have a systemic problem in our society.  We are so programmed to think something is wrong with not eating animals and wearing fancy fur-lined coats.  And why are we drinking the milk of animals anyway?

Meat, meat, everywhere

I cannot deny that meat and animal by-products and products are everywhere.  It is definitely a challenge to find food items without any meat by-products, because even a small ingredient such as gelatin can be made with animal intestines.

Can just one person make a difference?

So you ask, how can one person not eating/”using” make a difference? 

My daughter has inspired me with her ‘veganism’.  But here is my struggle:  what if I eat a plant-based diet and don’t buy animal products, but still feed meat to the rest of my family (because they want it)- does this make me a bad person?  The only answer that I can come up with is “that it starts with my daughter and myself.”  World change – just one person at a time.

Vegan, Vegan, Vegan

It is my personal goal to become what you know as a Vegan.  Yes, I hate the stereotype associated with the label, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with not torturing and killing our beautiful animals, just so we can enjoy a 3 minute burger or wear a fancy fur-lined coat.

My year end goal

By the end of this year, I will follow a vegan diet and lifestyle.  More posts will follow about this.  There is always something to accomplish in “this thing called life.”

I know it will be difficult to completely eliminate animal products from my diet – and even as I write this, it sounds awfully weird that I will eliminate ANIMAL from my diet (I can’t believe I ate them!), but it is truly the least that I can do.  I will figure out a way to make my fav desserts without eggs. And more importantly, I feel good about this.

What will I eat then?

Actually, the answer to this is much more simple that explaining to someone why I don’t eat meat…

I will eat FOOD!