Show me the Rockies -guest post

Bow Lake, AB: Photo credit: Annette Ng

Special guest post: Annette Ng

Today’s post is written by someone very special to me: my younger sister, Annette. We have gone through so much as children and adults. We did not always get along (I was a very mean child and did regretful things), but life events such as the ageing and death of our beloved family dog, Einstein, our mother and father’s strokes have brought us closer over the years. Annette is fun-loving and caring person, as well as an avid hiker. Annette has her own blog site as well:

Show me the Rockies! by Annette Ng

When I moved to Calgary fourteen years ago, it was a practical move for job opportunity, not intended as the trailhead for adventure and discovery. I hadn’t even given the proximity to the Rockies a thought. Within my first month of moving to Calgary, I drove out to Banff and was awestruck. Driving through the mountains was such an indescribable feeling, as it still is. The mountains towered above me, surrounded me, and yet gave me a deep sense of peace.

Even in my younger days, I had such fond memories of Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, hiking with my sister Monica. It was no surprise that I fell in love with the Rockies. This was the place that I was meant to be, where I flourished, discovered new places and new activities such as running and snowshoeing. A love of hiking is also what brought my fiancé Gabor and I together. Together, we have hiked further and higher, explored more, experienced more, and continually dream more.

Our love of the Rockies is what has lead us to pursue guiding. We want others to experience the exhilaration, the splendor, and the tranquility of the outdoors. We want to show people stunning alpine lakes, glaciers, wildlife and wildflowers. We are in the process of establishing our own guiding company, Show Me the Rockies Hikes and Tours Limited, as well as obtaining permits and insurance in order to guide in some of the Provincial Parks. Also in the works is getting the proper certification for Banff National Park, which has its own set of requirements.

Although we are not quite at our destination of officially guiding, please feel free to contact me by email at I can certainly assist with recommendations for hikes and places to see in the Canadian Rockies.

Show Me the Rockies, you say? We would love to!


In this thing called life, you never know where you might end up. Dream big and never give up!

I hope you will contact Annette and Gabor the next time you plan to visit Alberta. They took us on an absolutely amazing and exhilarating four-day hiking adventure back in August 2018. I always feel so ALIVE when surrounded by mother nature and share the same love of the mountains as Annette and Gabor.