A whisper (poem)


This poem is dedicated to Narendra Nayak, a fellow blogger (asliveroflife.wordpress.com), whose insight into our lives as humans and our existence are much in line with mine. I have been rather uninspired lately to write poetry, but after enjoying his photography and writing, I wrote up the poem below last night before sleeping.

word whispers

A whisper

whisper in my ear
what you want me to tell you
for I don't know what you want to hear.

time is like the steam rushing to escape the kettle
only to be left with none.

will you love me forever?
touch my hand so I know everything will be ok?

just one glance and I fall all over again
before I say goodbye.

In this thing called life, we need to take some time to ponder. It allows us to gain insight into ourselves and those around us.

Homeland (Poem)

sketch of mountain and water
A world within our dreams…

Here is a happier poem, written in Grade 10. A world where we can dream.


I love my favourite place.
A large gray mountain stretches across the horizon,
and lively birds share their chants above it.
Flowers and trees grow in wild profusion.

Wildlife surrounds me.
There's a great turtle,
assorted bears,
a duck,
a squirrel...

The land is slightly textured, 
but soft and smooth,
unlike what is expected of terrain.
The bright sun shines
in the corner of my eye,
I sigh...

I am happy 
I know
that I can once again
return to my dream land,
the most beautiful place on earth.

I dream of being there again.
My dream will come true.
When the sun goes down,
I will cover my mountain,
lay my head in my sacred flower bed,
hug my wildlife animals,
and sleep in peace.

- Monica

The last verse, is an image of myself as a teen, pulling my soft blanket (my mountain), laying my head on my floral pattern pillowcase (my flower bed), hugging my stuffed animals (wildlife) and just really enjoying my sleep. BTW – I love sleeping!

In this thing called life, our bodies need good rest to heal and our brains need time to re-set. Take the time for yourself.