Say hey, say hey…


…say how ya doin’…(lyrics from Matthew Good Band’s song, Everything is Automatic). You can tell, I have been signing Matthew Good Band’s song in my head. By the way, if you haven’t listened to this song, it’s really amazing. Matthew Good has gone solo since that album and will be performing at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts on March 9, 2019.

Take a listen to this classic:

2019 flying by…

Say, where did the year escape to already? As I write this post, it is already Day 17 into 2019. I feel like time is running out already.

As per one of my posts in December 2018, I did not make any new year’s resolutions last year to be applied towards this year, because I feel that I am just setting myself up for failure.


I have dubbed this year to be the YEAR OF NO EXCUSES. I have been spreading the word to everyone who will listen to me. What? No gym today? That is not ok, it is the year of no excuses…

Here are a few concepts/mottos that you can apply to yourself this year:

  1. Don’t think – just do!
  2. I will dream BIG and do!
  3. I will make time for my best friend – me.
  4. If I want something badly, I will go for it.

My “no excuses” put to good use

Here are 2 things that I put off last year, but have now handled, because…it’s the year of no excuses!

  1. I am losing patience with the CN Tower. I have emailed the media department so many times but didn’t hear back. I am waiting on permission and have been waiting since mid last year, to publish my book, Winter Moose visits the CN Tower. It was actually meant to be my second book. But because of trademark and other issues, my book was up for review. I finally tracked down a phone number and left a message for my contact person. I am dreaming that I will get the go-ahead this year. I can’t wait to share that book with the world!
  2. I dropped off my books for consignment at a few local Chapters/Indigo locations last year, but have been too busy to follow-up. It is a bit difficult to make calls during my working hours + a little teeny weeny bit of procrastination. Anyway, it’s 2019…I took care of it and if I am lucky, I can be part of a few in-store events this year.

In this thing called life, you never have time to do things. I get it. But if you set your mind to something – before you realize, the same amount of time goes by (whether you do something or don’t) and in the end, you would have accomplished either nothing or something.

Yo! I want to hear from you. What will you accomplish this year with no excuses?