An ode to…my appliances

When I saw you first - it was love at first sight.
Your shiny soul and efficient manner,
Grace my every day. 

You always come through for me, when I need you the most.
Endlessly working, without a complaint.
This thing called life - much simplified with your genius.
Even if we part ways one day, I will remember you forever  - Monica

Celebrating our appliances!

This post idea came to me when thinking about all the large (dishwasher, fridge, washer/dryer, etc.) and small appliances (like those pictured above), that make our lives so much easier.  I cannot imagine being a ‘cook-on-demand’ without my small appliances.

I do not get any compensation for promoting these products (but perhaps I should!), but they are truly awesome.  My Instant Pot allows me to grab a bunch of food from the freezer and throw it inside the pot, the moment I get home.  In about 30-45 minutes – voila! Dinner is served.  I donated my slow-cooker recently because it required advance thought (too often, I had no idea what to prepare the evening before/morning for that night’s meal).  

A great big thank you to all the amazing appliances out there!