The importance of information


Today marks Day 15 of my life as a vegan. Honestly, the main change that I have made is cutting out food that contains milk ingredients and eggs.  I have to read labels more carefully now – which is not all that bad, considering all the miscellaneous chemicals that are put in our food these days.

I have been spending a lot of time doing research about plant-based diets and health.

@patriapower on Instagram reached out to me and recommended that I watch “What the Health” (I watched it on Netflix -but if you don’t have Netflix, I am sure it is on YouTube or somewhere).  Watching that film was a real eye-opener.  We have been so heavily programmed to accept certain things – such as the benefit of drinking milk from another species. Sigh!

In a nutshell (and in my own words), here is what I learned from the film “What the Health”:

  1. Diabetes in not caused by eating too much sugar alone (but rather caused by consuming meat products). But obviously eating too much sugar is not good for the health.
  2. Meat protein is linked with increase in production of cancer cells in the body. Research was done on rats that I believe were injected with cancer cells. Some of the rats were injected with 20% casein (meat protein) and others 5% casein.  The rats that were injected with 20% casein had an increase in the growth of the cancer cells. The rats injected with 5% casein did not experience any increase in cancer cells.
  3. A plant-based diet does provide sufficient protein and helps to repair the body.  This was evidenced by testimonials of people struggling with their health and taking tons of medication.  After a short period of time, their health improved significantly and they were able to get off their meds.  This also happened to one of my friends.  After cutting out meat, her health improved and she was able to get off her medication.  Keep in mind anytime you try to get off your medications, you should get medication supervision.

Watch “What the Health” for yourself. Link to the film is in the website below:

In this thing called life, if we are armed with helpful information/knowledge that can help improve health/lives, we owe it to  ourselves and those around us to share and spread the word. Cheers!