Birth of


Birth of

Welcome to my new website!

As you may be aware, I decided to merge the content of my personal blog site into a site about hiking and life. Ideas for my new site stemmed from my blog “Discovering my backyard: Ontario” – my reviews of Ontario’s parks, conservation areas, trails, etc. The more time I spend on the trails, the more I want to share my passion with others. Nature has always been there for me and has given me so much inspiration for my writing and life. It’s given me the peace that I seek and the adventures that I crave.

I know some people are afraid to hit the trails because they don’t know where to start – which is exactly why I created this site and my Hiking 101 posts. If I can get just one person to discover their love for nature, my job is done. But being a dreamer that I am, the more people the better!

Thank you for being part of my journey. I’ll see you soon on the trails.


Monica Ng

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