The ring.


Written by Monica Ng


I dedicate this post to an old friend, Kevin. Kevin went to a different high school. Way back then, I met him through a couple of my high school friends and we used to hang out for some underage drinking in the park.

This post coincides with my 100th post and what better way to celebrate than write about a real-life mystery?

The ring

Here’s the story of the ring. It’s not just a regular ring, but a graduation ring.

When I moved to Toronto, I realized that I left Montreal with two guys’ graduation rings. One belonged to my close gay friend, Chris and the other I thought was Kevin’s (because it has Kevin etched into the ring and had the diamond gem for April birth month). Chris wanted me to hold onto his ring, so I kept it. But Kevin – I had no idea why I had his ring and wanted to return it. I messaged him on Facebook and asked if I could send back his ring. He gave me his address, but I hesitated to send it in case the ring got lost in the mail. I continued to hold onto it.

A few years later, I chatted on Facebook with Mike (Kevin and my mutual friend) and told him about Kevin’s ring. He said the he could return it to Kevin the next time he saw him. Then I mentioned it to my BFF and she told me that she occasionally saw Mike. I live in Toronto, my BFF lives in Ottawa and Mike lived in Brockville – so picture this: When my BFF visited Toronto, I passed on the ring to her. Then we got very sad news about our friend Mike’s sudden passing. The next time my BFF visited Toronto, I asked her to return the ring to me and I would figure out how to get the ring back to Kevin.

So, I was stuck with the ring again.

I was in touch with Kevin recently through Facebook chatting about his education and asked if was ok I just finally delivered the ring to him in person. Luckily he doesn’t live far away. When I was driving away from his house, he called to tell me that the ring wasn’t his. I drove back to get it.

So, I am stuck with the ring again.

Well then…if it’s not that Kevin’s ring- who the hell is Kevin?!

Too many guys lol (kidding)! It was a total coincidence that Kevin lost his ring and I happened to have a ring with the name Kevin on it. Plus the ring had the April diamond. I can’t say I took a good look at the ring all these years so I didn’t notice it had a different school name on it.

I only know a handful of Kevins, so I had no idea who it could be. I had to dig really really deep into my memory, but finally remembered that Chris collected a ring from some guy he was interested in. Not sure why I had that ring too. Sadly, I lost touch with my friend Chris. I might never find out the owner of the ring.

Silver lining

While Kevin did actually lose his ring and I am stuck with an unknown person’s ring – a plus side is that I had a chance to meet Kevin’s lovely family after all these years. I very much enjoyed his kids’ show-and-tell from the porch (social distancing!).

Mystery? Case not solved.

In this thing called life, you never know where life will take you. Go with the flow!

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