Movie review: Glass

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The movie has a wonderful all-star cast, James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis. I love Bruce Willis, especially in the Die Hard movies.


Overall rating: 6 out of 10

Took my daughter to see the film on the weekend following its release (Jan, 2019).

The concept of Glass is interesting because it ties together the films, Unbreakable (year 2000) with Bruce Willis and Split (year 2017).

In a nutshell, Glass is about three ‘normal’ people who believe they are Superheroes. They are real people and not comic book characters. Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Mr. Glass is an individual with extra-ordinary intellectual powers. It has been a while since I watched Unbreakable but he was the super-brain behind the train wreck that left Bruce Willis’ character with his own superpowers. Side note: Mr. Glass was born with ultra-fragile bones that would crack upon minimal impact. But don’t underestimate him! Anyway, Mr. Glass was institutionalized after it was discovered that he was behind the train wreck.

Next, you have Bruce Willis’ character, David Dunn, who appears to be a normal guy. But he is super-strong and has a sense of people just by touching them for a second. He plays a vigilante fighting the bad guys in the city. He helps to locate the latest victims of the “Beast” (played by James McAvoy), gets caught by the police and ends up being taken to the same mental institution as Mr. Glass.

Then, there are James McAvoy’s multiple characters (he plays many characters, as he has a split personality). In the movie, Split, you get to meet all of his characters including but not limited to a 9 year-old, an intellect, a kind soul (Kevin) and the Beast. The Beast is super-strong and can scale walls. He searches out humans that are ‘not pure’ and kills them. Of course, at the time David tracks down the teenager hostages in a factory/warehouse, the “Beast” is also caught and brought to the mental institution as well.

At the institution, a psychiatrist specializing in treating individuals who believe and act as superheros, begins treatment of her new patients. As part of the therapy, she decides to have the three characters sit together in one room for a session. She tries to break them.

Mr. Glass uses his intellect to get out of his isolation room and enter the room of the Beast. He tries to conspire with the Beast to escape the institution, while taunting David to escape from his room to ‘save the world’ for the Beast.


Overall, the movie was quite “light” (unlike Split) and entertaining, but I could only rate it a 6 because it was very unrealistic that three patients would be treated together.