graphic of sink

Hey guys!  This post is not for everyone.  Just those who need a quick refresher, or maybe you missed this course altogether (psst, sadly, it is obvious who missed it)…

I love blogging because it allows me the room to vent about everything that I experience in this thing called life – in this case, it’s the horror of entering a public women’s washroom stall that is absolutely filthy.  p.s. I heard that the mens’ washrooms are disgusting too, so this part of this course applies to men as well.

The total fear of opening the toilet stall door [scary music here]...

I have been wanted to write about this for so long, because it is so disgusting how some people leave the toilets, stalls and general washroom area.  Don’t those leaving the stall in a horrific state even think about others? I am guessing no? Anyway, I think you get the idea.

So here is the course again.

Bathroom 101

  1. Treat the space with respect. Pretend that you are using your own personal washroom at home. 
  2. Aim for INSIDE the toilet.
  3. If it’s not raining and the ceiling is not leaking – then it should not be wet on the floor.
  4. It’s ok if you accidentally miss or drip, but wipe up after yourself.
  5. Blood should only be found at crime scenes. Not on the toilet.
  6. Dispose properly of sanitary products.
  7. Standing is primitive for women (in non-emergency situations). Physics gals – the higher up you are, the greater the chance of a huge mess.
  8. Toilet seats should not be covered with urine or excrement or blood.
  10. Having access to toilet paper is a privilege. It should not be all over the toilet or the floor.
  11. If you wet the whole sink area, you should wipe it up.
  12. If there are still paper towels (versus air-dryer) in the washroom where you are, use them and then dispose of them properly.

Thank you to all of you that respect public space and keep our washrooms as clean as possible.