The soul of music

photo of bow lake
In this thing called life, there is nothing like the raw emotion felt through music and nature – Monica
(photo taken at Bow Lake, AB – a must see place)

Last Wednesday night was my son, Ryan’s high school (Bayview SS) band’s semi-annual concert.  This is Ryan’s third year playing the bassoon.  Have you ever heard of this instrument?  I hadn’t until he was given the task of learning this instrument.  Then I googled it.  It is a very long instrument that looks like a thick bamboo stick and has a mouthpiece sticking out of it.  It makes a very deep/dry sound.

Tears in my eyes

Every time I attend my son’s concerts, tears come to my eyes.  There is something about the music, the overwhelming happiness of watching him grow into a wonderful young man – or both.  Bottom line, I am super proud of my son. I suspect that I am always the only person with teary eyes in the audience.  Am I a total sap?  All I can do is wave at him discreetly from the audience (kids love that!).

Not a musical bone

I personally do not have a musical bone in my body.  I failed terribly at piano in my youth and even hid away during keyboard class in high school.  To me, looking a sheet of music is the same as looking at written foreign language.  I am really amazed that anyone can read and play the music with such proficiency and hear the music just by reading the sheets.  I always wished that I had musical talent, but lucky that Ryan can fill that void for me.

Incredibles movie theme song

Ryan’s band played the theme song of the Incredibles animated movie.  What an exhilarating performance.  The music was so moving. I wanted to get up and boogie – but that would be a bit embarrasing!

A gift

I wish to thank all of the performers of Wednesday night’s concert.  They are all truly talented and give the rest of us the gift of music.

Matthew Good

What does Matthew Good have to do with this post?  Well, I have been a fan of his since the 90s.  He is beyond talented and has inspired me so much through his music. One of his CDs is in my car CD player right now.  There’s nothing else so freeing than rocking it out to his songs. I look forward to his solo acoustic tour next March. 

Music is our soul

Can you imagine a world without music?  Music is our soul.