Why is car insurance so expensive in the gta (greater Toronto area)?

photo of a highway

The simple answer: BAD DRIVERS. Long answer: BAD DRIVERS.

I bet you can all relate to this post – and probably recalling an incident relating to bad driving and/or dangerous driving that you encountered today.  You really have to wonder if road conditions are perfect and yet there are accidents on the road.

I witnessed two of the scenarios below yesterday morning, and was inspired to vent about bad drivers.

Not knowing the rules causes confusion for other drivers and often causes accidents.  I have seen driver’s speed by school buses when they had their 4-way flashers on and stop sign opened up; cutting off someone trying to turn left by turning left behind them; tailgaiting  (sticking too close to the back of a vehicle); honking from behind because you are letting a pedestrian go by.

I have personally been in two car accidents, where I was hit from behind and sandwiched between two cars – once where .  Also, twice my vehicle was parked on a wide road side and someone backing up hit me.  My friends’ father got T-boned by someone and struggles with his body pains now. 

Message to everyone

Learn the rules of the road and take it easy out there.  Honestly, being one car ahead will not make any difference.

Driving scenarios

hand drawn road scenarios

I have sketched out 3 road scenarios above.  I hope you have the correct answers (the answers are at the end of this post)!  If you got any wrong, I would suggest you review your driving rules.

Scenario 1 – in this scenario the driver is turning left (but this applies to both left and right hand turns).  Should the vehicle pictured above aim to turn into lane A (the closer lane) or lane B (the farther lane)? 

Scenario 2 – vehicle B has a stop sign and vehicle A does not.  Who has the priority to continue forward?

Scenario 3 – the vehicle is stopped on the side of the road for an unknown reason on a main street.  Should the driver turn use the right hand turn signal or use the 4-way flashers/hazard lights?

In this thing called life, we only have one life.  We cannot afford to be in a car accident.

Answers: Scenario 1, turn into lane A -the closer one); Scenario 2, vehicle A has the right of way; Scenario 3, use 4-way flashers/hazard lights! BTW-hazard lights are used to indicate that you are completely stopped where you are (could be for emergency reasons, temporary double-parking, etc.).  But if you just use your right turn signal, it looks like you are planning on making a right-hand turn.  Driver’s need to use signals effectively to avoid causing confusion.