Goodbye 2020. Goodbye COVID.


If I were to select just ONE photo to describe 2020 in a nutshell – it would be this one:

I took this picture while sitting on a tube, floating 2 kilometres downstream on a calm section of the Grand River at Elora Gorge. This photo represents one of my life philosophies: the need to keep on moving. The tattoo was inspired by one of my favourite Canadian musicians, Matthew Good – as one of the lyrics in his song “Beauty” is “keep on moving”. My tattoo represents the importance of moving physically to stay healthy (as both of my parents had strokes) and metaphorically – to keep on going despite what life may throw at us. Also, I managed to get this tattoo between quarantine lockdowns!

Life is not static. As humans, we cannot be static either. Grab life by the horns and make your own memories.

Despite the devastating and crippling effects that COVID-19 had on the world, I am thankful for so many things this year.

Here are my TOP 5:

  1. My family and friends.
  2. Being able to continue working my day job.
  3. Having vegan desserts and frozen food delivered right to my door. Sweets from the Earth is an amazing bakery – try their s’mores cake. Ahimsa Vegan Food (Indian food) has delicious frozen food in individual servings – their butter “chicken” is absolutely delish! Many companies are now promoting their online businesses because of COVID and I totally support local businesses.
  4. Amazing exploration of Ontario’s outdoors by foot, canoe and kayak. My adventures inspired me to write a blog titled “Discovering my backyard – Ontario“. I have almost 80 reviews posted to date. Could be more, but there are a few really special places like Killarney Provincial Park, McCrae Lake Conservation Reserve and Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, that I keep going to. The gravitational pull toward the outdoors has been really strong for me this year. I make time to get outdoors despite my crazy life. Honestly being outdoors is for my body, mind and soul. If you haven’t found yourself surrounded by nature – give it a go!
  5. I had a chance to pursue my passion for music and writing, by interviewing many of my favourite Canadian musicians, while discovering so many more along the way. All of these musicians are amazing, super-passionate, driven and so incredibly personable and down-to-earth. I’m very fortunate that they were so open to being interviewed. It’s people like these that make me so proud to be Canadian! You can check out all the interviews under the “Interview” tab on my site, or click on the names below.
  1. Craig Stickland
  2. Neon Dreams
  3. Al Capo of Stuck on Planet Earth
  4. jFEROcious
  5. King Khan – my own high school classmate
  6. AARYS

I recently had the chance to interview my elementary school classmate, Sharon Rampersad, who took advantage of the pandemic downtime to finish off her book. Also check out my interviews with my friend author, Fong C. Hsiung, and a children’s book author friend I made on Instagram, Kelly Ann Charleson. Kelly is a Matthew Good fan too!

***2021 promises many more outdoor adventures and more interviews. I have a few interviews in the works already. Even a special surprise!***

Wishing you all a very Happy 2021 New Year! Most importantly: stay safe and don’t let life pass you by. Every moment is precious and it’s amazing how much can be achieved in a short period of time. Blink too much and opportunities may pass you by. Sending you all positive vibes!