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Confessions of a Vegan Hiker

I have lazy days too.

I wasn’t born with hiking boots on my feet.

I absolutely hate carrying things, so the less the better for me.

I’m doing everything I can to live in harmony with the world around me, including living a life as far removed from animal cruelty as possible.

I’m “directionally challenged”. I have no sense of direction and cannot read a map.

I’ve been dealing with an addiction for the past several years…I’m a trail addict.

Hello there!

Hiking. Writing. Dreaming. The three things that I do best. I’m a very simple person with very simple needs, but I demand one thing in life – the next adventure…

Born, raised and enjoying life in Canada – I love being Canadian.

Rarely will you see a “double-row” smile from me. It’s those body, mind and soul experiences on the trails that trigger them.

Where My Journey Began

In 2017, Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Parks Canada gave away passes for free entry into its National Parks. I’ve always enjoyed being in nature, but Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario is the awe-inspiring place that woke my imagination from its deep sleep. I remember walking excitedly along the rocky shore while focusing on balancing myself. When I stopped for a moment and looked up, I saw the most breathtaking, dream-like body of water in front of me. Countless shades of blue and green sparkled and challenged me to look away – but I could not. My life was never the same after that.

I was interested in creative writing since I was in the 10th grade, but it was so exhilarating to feel the creative juices flowing again. And so here we are now. I often find myself wanting to scream out, “My brain is alive!” But then, people would find me weird.

Additionally, after my dad’s life-changing stroke in 2013 – I have gained a new appreciation for life. My dad worked so hard his entire life and planned to do some travelling after his retirement. Sadly, just months after he retired, he had a massive stroke which initially paralyzed his entire left-side. To this day, his left arm never recovered and he walks with great difficulty. With so many changes in his body, his hopes of travel have basically vanished.

Life’s too short. Seize the day. Don’t wait to do the things that you want. Learn how to find balance in your life so that you can enjoy it along the way.


Schedule an in-school book reading

I really enjoy giving back to the community and spending time interacting with children in an educational setting. I have hosted several in-school book readings to date. My book reading includes the reading of My Great Canadian Adventures and explores topics of anti-bullying, self-empowerment, my love of Canada and the environment.

Parents/Schools: If you are interested in having me in your school (in the Greater Toronto Area) for a book reading, please contact me through my contact form.

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