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Canadian Adventure Books

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to write and illustrate a book. After my trip to Bruce Peninsula National Park, ideas started brewing in my head for "My Great Canadian Adventures" book. I knew that I wanted to write poetry, but I also wanted to have some factual information for children to learn about all of the provinces and territories in Canada. Simultaneously, the idea came for my Winter Moose series. My first book "Winter Moose Visits the CN Tower" was born. Ironically, this one hasn't been published yet (long story). Then came Winter Moose Visits Montreal and Winter Moose Visits Alberta.

Note: I have hard copies available as well, but to help me with costs, if you are interested in purchasing a hard copy please send me a message through my contact form.

My Great Canadian Adventures

How fun it is to travel by car, train or airplane to each province or territory! Spend time discovering the beautiful landscape and unique activities at each place. Through ABCs and poetry, you will learn all about different places in Canada. Each page in my book has a fun tidbit. Quiz yourself to see what you learned about Canada…

Winter Moose series

Winter Moose Visits Montreal

Have you ever seen a moose in Old Montreal? How about a moose in rollerblades? Everyone makes it look easy, but Winter Moose will discover that rollerblading needs a lot of co-ordination!

Winter Moose Visits Alberta

Does Calgary have underground trains? Do all the lakes at the Valley of Five Lakes look the exactly the same? Find out as you join Winter on his exciting journey to Alberta.

2020 In Harmony Nature Collection (free download)

A collection inspired by my outdoor adventures, poetry and love of music. Because the COVID-19 pandemic put a dark cloud over the world - I decided to put together a collection of my favourite 2020 Instagram/Facebook posts and give as a year-end gift.

Schedule an in-school book reading

I really enjoy giving back to the community and spending time interacting with children in an educational setting. I have hosted several in-school book readings to date. My book reading includes the reading of My Great Canadian Adventures and explores topics of anti-bullying, self-empowerment, my love of Canada and the environment.

Parents/Schools: If you are interested in having me in your school (in the Greater Toronto Area) for a book reading, please contact me through my contact form.

Upcoming news...

The writing ideas never end. I'm currently working on a fiction novel based on my mother and grandmother's lives. And putting together a vegan cookbook as I'm experimenting with new dishes in my kitchen.