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Learning from others is a great way to expand ones knowledge. I wanted this site to have useful and relevant information, so I reached out to a few like-minded outdoors/fitness people including my sister Annette and one of my gym coaches, Maz Alinejad and asked them to write a post relating to the outdoors/fitness based on their own experiences. They jumped on board right away because they’re so passionate about what they do and sharing their experiences with others.

More guest posts coming soon…

Annette Ng in the mountains

Photo credit: Annette Ng

Find out what type of clothing to wear on the trails and why you shouldn’t wear cotton. And learn about the pros and cons of synthetic and natural materials.

Maz Alinejad fitness coach

Photo credit: Anytime Fitness/Maz Alinejad

Top 10 Fitness Tips
Written by Maz Alinejad
Co-owner of Anytime Fitness (Richmond Hill) at Yonge/Elgin Mills
Getting fit for life and trail-ready can be challenging for many. Often, people have no clue where to begin. Now’s the time to jump start your new life with Maz’s practical and useful tips about fitness.

Photo credit: Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On, ND

3 Simple Ways to Eat Well
Written by Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On, ND

Even with a hectic schedule, it’s still possible to eat well. With 3 simple tips, you can eat healthy well-balanced and portion controlled meals. Follow these tips and you will not need to weigh your food or count calories.

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