A tree is a tree is a tree.


The title says it all. My obsession with trees!

I dedicate this post to my sister, Annette (Instagram: @showmerockieshikes), her husband, Gabor (@grizzlymedve) and Jonathan Fast (@jonathan.fast). I check out their gorgeous landscape posts whenever I am itching for nature but can’t get out. There is nothing more satisfying and humbling than being at one with nature.

Saying goodbye to 2019

What better way to say goodbye to 2019 than a post about what I love. Below are a few tree photos that I put together. Trees make great “models” – they stay still for the most part and they charge nothing to photograph them. Aren’t trees just amazing?

The photos below were taken from my hikes/travels (including Rattlesnake Point, Killbear Provincial Park, Fernie (BC), Toronto, Forks of the Credit Provincial Park). When I look around, a unique tree or arrangement of trees might catch my attention. It’s important to always have your smart phone (with camera function) with you – as you NEVER know when that special tree will come into your life – kinda like people.

If you have never hiked before, I highly recommend you try it. If you are afraid to get lost (like me), there are usually some hiking groups/clubs that you can join. Or just take a friend.

There are so many reasons to love trees. Below is a list of 10 things that I came up with.

10 reasons to love trees:

  1. they provide life-giving oxygen.
  2. they absorb poisonous carbon dioxide from the air.
  3. their foliage gives shade.
  4. their roots prevent soil erosion.
  5. they give shelter to animals and insects.
  6. they are beautiful and unique.
  7. they tell us the age of the forests that surround them (tree rings).
  8. their forest provides great footage for films.
  9. their beauty inspires writing and photography.
  10. maple trees give sap for making maple syrup.

In this thing called life, you have to take the time to hug a tree, enjoy Mother Nature at her best, and help to preserve the beauty for everyone and future generations.

3 thoughts on “A tree is a tree is a tree.

  1. Beautiful collection of trees! Trees help to restore our sense of well-being. Various studies have shown that being out in nature (particularly trees), can decrease stress, lower blood pressure and support grief.

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