Garden worm (poem)

What has thou in thy tiny hand?

Black earth uncovered.
A worm wiggles.
A cautious giggle.
A curious stare.
A touch if you dare.

A tip of your hand.
A return to the land.


I was suddenly thinking of my son’s first discovery of a worm. He was not so interested in touching the worm, but I held the worm in my hand (of course, I am wearing garden gloves!) to show him. He was very curious about the worm and wanted to observe as he carried the worm around the backyard in a shovel.

As I wrote the poem, I could picture us in the backyard on a warm summer evening – myself digging in the garden with my son next to me. It is so calming and enjoyable being outdoors.

Through this poem, I wanted to capture the innocence of children when they discover everything new about the world.

In this thing called life, you just gotta take the time to enjoy the little things.

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