Would it kill you to smile or say hello?

photo of winter pup and his bff kiki
Why can’t people just get along like these two pups – on the left is Winter’s BFF, Kiki.

This post is dedicated to people that smile often and say hello to strangers.

Arrrggghh….are you like me and find it frustrating when people always have a sour-look on their face all the time? Honestly, our world is so depressing already. Don’t be shy and flash your pearly whites!

No peace in the washroom

There is this lady that I always run into when I go to the washroom at work. No matter if I hold my bladder for five minutes or ten, and then run to the washroom – she is there. Our bladders are like on the same time schedule. Anyway, she does not appear to be friendly and never glances my way. Needless to say, we ignore each other. I am sure you have had an encounter with people like this and know exactly what I am going through.

One day, I told my colleague before I went to the washroom that I so hoped NOT to bump into this lady. So, I went reluctantly down the hall and opened the door. There she was! Why can’t I just win the lottery instead???

Most recent encounter

The washroom on our floor was closed for cleaning, so I ran up to the 5th floor. As I opened the door, there she was! She was the only person there. So, I was so shocked that I said quite loudly: Hello, I run into you everywhere (or something like that). Guess what she says? Absolutely NOTHING! I shall not break the ice next time. Ignore, ignore, ignore. How awkward…

After I told my colleague about my latest washroom encounter, she said I should write a post about serendipity, or maybe travel in a pack next time to ‘break’ the “cosmic” bond that I have with that lady.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, serendipity means “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought”. So I don’t think this applies to my situation, because the encounters are awkward and make me dread going to the washroom…I would rather win the lottery!

Breaking the bond

I will test out my colleague’s theory next week. Will having an entourage break us up?

Food for thought in this thing called life: Why can’t people just get along?

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