Homeland (Poem)

sketch of mountain and water
A world within our dreams…

Here is a happier poem, written in Grade 10. A world where we can dream.


I love my favourite place.
A large gray mountain stretches across the horizon,
and lively birds share their chants above it.
Flowers and trees grow in wild profusion.

Wildlife surrounds me.
There's a great turtle,
assorted bears,
a duck,
a squirrel...

The land is slightly textured, 
but soft and smooth,
unlike what is expected of terrain.
The bright sun shines
in the corner of my eye,
I sigh...

I am happy 
I know
that I can once again
return to my dream land,
the most beautiful place on earth.

I dream of being there again.
My dream will come true.
When the sun goes down,
I will cover my mountain,
lay my head in my sacred flower bed,
hug my wildlife animals,
and sleep in peace.

- Monica

The last verse, is an image of myself as a teen, pulling my soft blanket (my mountain), laying my head on my floral pattern pillowcase (my flower bed), hugging my stuffed animals (wildlife) and just really enjoying my sleep. BTW – I love sleeping!

In this thing called life, our bodies need good rest to heal and our brains need time to re-set. Take the time for yourself.

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