A Cry of Warning (Poem)

illustration of goose
How can we ignore?

This post is dedicated to all animal activists fighting for the innocent animals and posting disturbing photos for our minds to process…

My poetry collection

Well, turns out, I have a small collection of poems in Fledglings. I was in Grade 9 when I wrote “A Cry of Warning”.

Teen vegan at heart

I have always loved animals and cannot understand why animals are tortured and left to die. In our society, we are so brainwashed into believing that we need to eat animals, drink their milk and wear their skins (think, fur coats, leather shoes) and make sofas and car seats out of leather, etc., that we ignore the fact that animals are tortured and killed just to satisfy OUR needs. I am not writing about situations where people need to hunt to survive.

It truly saddens me that I ate animals and their by-products for so long. I am just waking up from a groggy brainwash session…and seeing all the beautiful, sweet and loving animals born to die is truly a nightmare. The tears in the pigs and cows eyes, sensing that their death is next…How can we ignore this?

I thank you again to all the animal activists out there, capturing photos and footage of something that we need to see – the reality of what happens to these gorgeous animals. The angora rabbit with its hair yanked off its bloody body to make a soft sweater for us to wear…I don’t know about you, but I am great with a cotton sweater.

Killing for fun

Upon a re-read of my poem, it is a commentary about the sport of killing. Hunters that hunt just for fun of the kill (not for necessity). Shooting and leaving the animal to die. And to add insult to injury – not even eat them. 

A Cry of Warning

A cry.
Somewhere deep and full of mystery,
Far beyond the human, 
Who cares,
Who has a heart.

The cry, 
Full of grief,
And misery.
The agonizing pains,
Of an unknown darkness.

Another cry.
Full of anger, 
And fright,

A rifle shoots.
High into the air,
Two steady bullets,
Travelling no further.

But for rustles,
In the forest leaves,
And barking.

Two dead ducks. 
And no food on the table.


Based on what I have read online, many more people are making the move to veganism. In this thing called life, I hang onto a hope that people will also wake up from the foggy brainwash.

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