how my children improve my life


This post is dedicated to all you parents out there.

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Even if things may look creepy in the dark, sunlight reveals its beauty – Monica

I have three children, ages 4 (about to be 5 on Jan.9th), 14 and 16.  

If you are a parent, you can probably remember the last time your kids brought out the worst “MONSTER” in you. They love to push every button and push you to your very limit.

Of course, my kids have mastered the button-pressing technique. But I have learned to take a deep breath and make the most out of every situation.

Here’s how my kids improve my life:

  1. I stay youthful. I get to re-live my childhood. As each of my kids was growing up, I got to play with toys and engage in imaginary play. I got to teach my kids how to skate, roller-blade, bike, etc. and take them to places that I would not normally go to (like the playground).
  2. I practice my negotiation skills. It takes special training to work through a complex situation, like leaving the house to go to school with a crying child who is refusing to leave the house.
  3. I am constantly challenged. Mom, are you sure there is no egg in that? My daughter monitoring my veganism.
  4. I am held accountable for everything I say. Even if I am exhausted, my daughter will say, Mom, you said we were going to go to the mall. Argh! Warning: be careful what you say to your kids.
  5. I have regular grammar reviews. Reading a teens’ school paper is not my idea of fun. Does this make sense Mom?
  6. I get to watch them grow. Every step of their life is exciting to me. From their first tooth to last lost tooth, to them finding out that the tooth-fairy is not real…to accomplishing great things like getting the Principal’s Award in elementary school and honours at school.

In this thing called life, time flies and I hold onto to every moment, every boycott, every “F” word… OK, maybe NOT the “F” word!

How do your kids keep you on your toes? I would love to hear from you…

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