The meaning behind our dreams

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A dream, is a dream – or is it a message?

The other night, I had a dream about fish and fish tanks. This is not the first time that I have fish-themed dreams. They are always disturbing to me and leave me unsettled when I awake from them.

My two most recent dreams go like this:

  1. I collected so many fish and creatures that I had hundreds of tanks. The tanks were arranged just like in the pet shop. The blue light cast from the tanks is eerie, especially in the dark and the spacing between tanks is very narrow. I worry so much about cleaning the tanks and how creepy the creatures are. By creatures, I mean some large miscellaneous shape ones with big eyes and teeth. I cannot decide what to do. I know I need to take care of them (since I bought them), but I am too scared of them and overwhelmed.
  2. I bought a small glass bowl and had a few small fish inside. So, I transfer the fish to a huge rectangular tank. At some point, I suddenly remember that I should clean my fish tanks. I go to get my small bowl and see that there is one small fish and one HUGE black creepy creature-like fish inside. I gasp in horror! How could I forget to put those fish into the tank, how are they still alive and where did the huge one come from??? I am about to figure out how to clean the tank and see that my tank is filled with so many creepy creatures. I do not want to clean the tank. Suddenly, there is a pan-shot inside the tank. Somehow, there is a human sitting inside on a rock or something. He looks really relaxed. He is not covered in water though. In this thing called life, I am very happy to wake up from these dreams!


I like to watch fish swim, but not so much. I do NOT like to touch fish and hate the texture and the flopping around. I remember once being whacked with my parents’ KOI fish. They are so powerful. I hate cleaning the tank and worry that I will forget to feed them. I would be horrified to swim near any fish.


As usual, I like to analyze the meaning of my dreams.

What fish could represent?

  • freedom to swim anywhere
  • beauty in their colours and movement
  • captivity
  • being eaten
  • in Chinese culture, fish represent prosperity/good luck (think swimming fish as good feng shui)
  • in fishing, catching more fish obviously represents good luck

The two meanings that I felt came closest to how I feel following my dreams:

  1. I was reading up on dream meanings online, and I came across this one: “a call to change own character and behaviour. It is worth thinking of own mistakes, and understanding what is going wrong in order to change something in own life.” (sorry, I lost the website for this one, or else I would reference it)
  2. Another writer’s analysis explains that the tank is like a container for your emotions, and compartmentalizes them, which makes you lose touch of yourself as a whole.


The message is clear to me: DON’T BUY ANY FISH OR EAT THEM. And work on better communication in my personal life.

Do you have any recurring themes in your dreams? I would love to hear from you!

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