Learning to take the good with the bad – Monica

There seems to always be a flip-side to everything in this thing called life.  In my case, good luck and bad luck at the same time.

Friday nights are “NO COOK” days for me.  My family either eats out or does take-out every Friday night.  I always look forward to Fridays.

So this past Friday, before I left work, I ordered take-out from Thai Express. For those of you who don’t know, Thai Express is a franchise and has many locations – many of them inside shopping mall food courts. My personal favourite dish is their tofu pad see-ew with medium spice.  Anyway, this post is not about my love of food…

photo of thai express takeout box

When I arrived at the intersection of the plaza where the restaurant was located, I noticed that the traffic lights were out and the whole plaza was dark.  There was a power outage. Panic set upon me – what if they were not able to make my dishes? I had nothing else planned for dinner…How will I make payment by Interac without power? I didn’t have time beforehand to stop by the bank machine to get cash, so only had $5.45 in my wallet! Well, there was only one way to get my answers…I went into the restaurant.  It was all dark inside, but the staff had their cellphone lights on.  

I was so relieved to see my take-out containers on the counter.  Apparently, the power only went out after they made my dishes. But their Interac machine obviously was not working.

So, GOOD LUCK that my food was ready before the power outage. BAD LUCK that I couldn’t pay by Interac or cash for that matter.  GOOD LUCK that they offered to give me the food and let me pay the next day. So thank you to Thai Express for saving my Friday night no cook evening!

What is something that happened to you with flip-side GOOD and BAD LUCK?  I would love to hear from you…

3 thoughts on “GOOD LUCK OR BAD LUCK?

  1. Several years ago I had gone snowshoeing on my own. It had freshly snowed and as I was driving down a steep hill, I realized I needed to slow down and applied the brakes. I hit a patch of ice and skidded across the road, upwards, which slowed the car down. The car kissed the snowbank and I merely had to dig my tire out with a couple of shovel-fulls of snow. BAD LUCK that I hit a patch of ice. GOOD LUCK that I didn’t skid down the other side, over the cliff, 60m down and that the car careened upwards. GOOD LUCK that I was the only one on the road, no one was hurt and the car was fine and I could get it out easily. FYI, a few years ago, they installed a barrier on the cliff side of the road, as it was probably deemed unsafe without one, with good reason!

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