My mother


This poem is dedicated to my mother, and all the mothers out there that show their love for us by just being there. In this thing called life, we just need love to grow. 

My family was not the type to say “I love you” to each other, but in the end, those are just words. Love was expressed through actions and often, through just a glance. Just writing my poem is making me cry, because I know that no matter how old I am – I will always be my mother’s baby.  Actually, my husband saw me and asked me why my face was all red. I told him I was crying.  This is such a personal piece for me.

abstract butterfly
With love we can spread our wings – Monica

I can feel from the way that she looks at me,
that she loves me more than words can express.

She is always there when I need her.
A shoulder to cry on.
A body ready for a hug.
Someone to run to.

When I get angry at her and try to hurt her with my words,
she weeps to herself.
She is strong and giving,

and does not give up on me,
even when I try to push her away.

Mom, you are everything to me.
Even if your words sometimes drive me nuts.
I cherish our every moment together,
And know that I will always be your daughter.

– Monica

3 thoughts on “My mother

  1. Growing up, I felt that Mama didn’t always love me but as an adult, I understood the sacrifices that she made for us and reasons for how she was. She would tell me that you don’t express love by affection but I craved that affection. The fact that she was strict and sometimes angry or overly critical or said things that came out hurtful did not mean she loved me less. I can now appreciate that a lot of that was cultural and from her own upbringing. I know that she loves me and supports me.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is easy to be critical of our parents. But at the end of the day, they are just people trying their best. Although that being said, it doesn’t hurt to scream less and be more diplomatic! I realize after being a mom, that there are so many responsibilities and stresses associated with household matters, meal planning, work and making sure your kids are mentally happy and looked after. I can really appreciate everything Mama went through to raise us.

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