Healing without the medication

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I am not a medical doctor and give no medical advice whatsoever.  You should always consult a doctor about your own health issues.  However, I write this blog because I believe that we should try to heal ourselves naturally first where possible, before committing ourselves to long-term medication with sometimes unknown side-effects.

Body Abuse

Our bodies and brains are truly amazing.  But, we abuse our bodies every day by applying chemical products on them, eating unhealthy food, taking recreational drugs, smoking, drinking too much alcohol and not exercising -just to list a few things.

Most of us probably have some sort of health issue – could be something simple like an achy knee, high cholesterol or something more serious like a heart attack or stroke.

Minor issues

I found two natural remedies from a company called Saje, that I use frequently.  Peppermint Halo – for headaches and Eater’s Digestion – for tummy upset.  They work amazing!  I don’t need to take pain meds as often for headaches and no antacids for tummy upset.

My lower back pain

I have had a very sore and tight lower back for about 14 years now.  For two of my pregnancies, I had five attempted insertions of an epidural (painkiller) because the anesthesiologist could not insert the needle properly into my spinal area.  I have tried massage and thought to try expensive laser treatment to break down the scar tissue. I often pull my back as a result of the tightness and cannot lie on my stomach to read without getting soreness when I get up.  The pain is not in my head because it has been with me for so long. But how can I take painkillers all the time? 

Most recently I pulled my back, just by moving forward just a degree (not even bending down).  Sad eh? I only thought of reaching for something but didn’t even do it yet.  After that incident, I could barely stand up straight and had to lie in bed for almost two full days. Though, it was nice to have company during this time -my awesome pup, pictured below stayed in bed with me for the whole time.  Pets are awesome!


I also have a skin condition on my face called rosacea (acne-like redness).  I didn’t always have it, but it developed in my adult life. My dermatologist told me about my skin condition and prescribed me some topical medication and sent me home.  The medication did not help at all. Of course, like anyone else with a condition, I Googled “rosacea” and read that it was most likely caused by inflammation in the body.  Yes, this post is very personal. But, I am hoping that people can find help. Effective treatment without using medication.

Help on the way…

While my dad is getting neurofeedback therapy from Optimum Edge, I spend my time chatting with the lovely owners, Anne and Reid.  Recently, they mentioned a type of therapy called PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency), which apparently involves healing damaged cells on a cellular level.  Reid read off a few of the machine’s settings, which included stroke, back pain, inflammation, infertility…

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I should try it myself.  Definitely worth a try.  So, I had one treatment using the back pain and inflammation setting.  Immediately after that, my back was no longer so stiff and I did not feel pain stretching backward.  It is now about one week after treatment, and my back seems A-OK!

By the way, I do not get any commission from Optimum Edge for promoting their services, but I am a true believer that help can be found because it worked for me.  I will continue treatment for inflammation to see if my rosacea goes away.  Will let you know!

In this thing called life, in order to enjoy our lives to the MAX, we cannot just ignore our pain all the time.  What if we can find a way to heal ourselves naturally, and heal without medication?  Well, the future is now!

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