The joy of having a book reading

photo of monica doing a book reading

I had another school book reading event today.  It is always exciting to share my books with children and give my time to the community.  Thank you to Silver Stream PS for allowing me this pleasure.

Special message: Anti-Bullying

I feel it is really important to bring up the topic of bullying with the children.  I hope to spread the message that bullying is wrong and we do not have to accept it. Bullying is so prevalent today and affects our children, ourselves and our communities. In the ‘old days’, there was no online bullying, so I believe people have it even tougher today.  Can you imagine bullies following you home every day?

What does a book reading have to do with bullying?

When I started my writing process back in August 2017, my sisters and I talked a lot about how we got to where we are today, and with that, our own personal experiences with bullying in our school days and how our experiences shaped our adult lives.

When I was younger, I was called a “Chink” (the negative connotation of being Chinese), fat and too shy.  I didn’t know that I could stand up to my bullies.  Instead, I stayed silent and let the mean comments eat away at me. When I was 10 years old, my cousin who I never before called me negatively, “Fay, Fay” (direct Chinese translation, Fat Fat or fatso). Even in my adult life, my aunt who normally said nothing to me said I was so fat.  I just ran away, cried, and vowed never to talk to her again.  But the point is, it doesn’t have to be like this.  I could have said “talk to the hand” or shut up, or something – or anything at all, but I didn’t. 

Writing and drawing have always been a great outlet for my feelings. It is through following my passions throughout life that I gain confidence and learn not to care what others think of me.  I hope to share this message with our children and the world.  In this thing called life, we must be strong and remember that we are valuable members of our society.

Take Home message: Stop the bullies in their track. You don’t need to tolerate their mean words or actions. Stand up for your awesome self.

Below is The Tale of Three Sisters, our personal experiences with bullying, illustrated and compiled by my younger sister, Annette.  

tale of three sisters
page 2 of tale of three sisters

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