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Not so tough to be kinder – Monica

Doesn’t the title of this post sound too serious?  Indeed. It sounds like a major event in history or something like that.  But it is just a blog from little ol’ me, on day 3 after committing myself to a life without eating animals, using their by-products (eggs, milk, etc.), or purchasing any animal products.  I admit that I have a 5-year-old pair of leather winter boots and only one leather handbag, but I will continue to wear them out completely, in honour of the animals that sacrificed their lives.

Love desserts too much?

For a dessert/baked goods lover, I must say that looking at a pastry display is tough. The desserts look so beautiful and tempting with the whipping cream and chocolate shavings.

It definitely seems like a challenge to swap out eggs and milk cream and butter – because those ingredients are mainstream. I already cut down lately though and usually do not buy store-bought cookies and cake – mainly because there are too many unknown ingredients inside.  Too bad most bakeries do not offer vegan options at this time. 

Birthday party

Was having some friends over for our pup, Winter’s 3rd birthday, so I bought a store-bought Bailey’s Cheesecake mousse (used to be one of my favs).  But then, I thought that it would be weird if everyone was eating cake, but not me.  I figured I would quickly whip up a batch of my favourite blondies (pictured above) – modified to be vegan-friendly.  The recipe called for three eggs, which I swapped for 2 medium-sized bananas; and the butter, I swapped for vegan butter.  The dessert did not taste exactly as before, but was still delish! 

I can eat happily, knowing that no animals were harmed in order for me to eat the dessert going into my mouth. In this thing called life, that is all I can hope for.

Cheers to modified recipes!

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