A skin has been shed

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Mental liberation – up, up and away! – Monica

This thing called life is really something.  On this huge planet, we may feel insignificant. But still, I believe that just one person can make a huge difference.  Even though we feel we can’t do it – we CAN change ourselves for the better.  We just need a bit of confidence and mental liberation.

Sometimes we don’t want to try new things.  A few reasons may be that we are:

  1. Lazy
  2. Afraid
  3. Inflexible

“MIND OVER MATTER” is the recurring theme here.  So think that you can do it, and you will be able to.

I write this blog because, I personally:

  • Hated the thought of running and said I would never run.  My family is witness to this. I love speed walking, but running???? No way!
  • Couldn’t get my act together and focus on yoga.  I am more of a punching, kicking person who enjoys hiking, weight-lifting, martial arts and kickboxing.  Pictured below are my gloves and punching bag.  What’s interesting is, that when my mother-in-law first saw my punching bag, she asked “oh, who’s is that?” Then my father-in-law pipes in that “of course, it is your son’s.”  Haha! That’s my baby!

Who is a runner?

Well, guess what? I have been running for the past two months (and learning to enjoy it) and started self-yoga training for the last two weeks.  Even the basic yoga moves are surprisingly difficult.  There is one move where you just stand there with your feet together and your arms to your side.  Then you try to stand tall and straight, while inhaling and exhaling through your nose.  How hard can it be? I admit that it looked easy, but wow, was I wrong.  I could feel myself straying a bit.

Then I tried a move where you put your hands together and stretch your arms towards upwards, then stretch backwards.  I could feel my core shaking.  So weak!


Know that you can do things – just challenge yourself and be brave.

Cheers to shedding your old skin! – Monica

One thought on “A skin has been shed

  1. Congrats on running! I encourage everyone to give it a shot because chances are, when people start, they don’t like it. I didn’t enjoy it either until 2 years later when I really got into the groove. It is hard for one thing and I think a lot of people talk themselves out of it, thinking they can’t do it or they don’t have a “runner’s” body. Go to any race and you will see, runners come in all shapes and sizes.

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