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photo of monica on a canoe in emerald lake
Life is too short – so try to make the most of it – Monica


If you read my post titled “The journey of my dad’s stroke recovery”, you would know that my dad had a stroke about five years ago; and I have thought about my own health every day since then.  I also think often about the meaning of life and what it means when every day seems mundane. 

It seems that we are all part of this ‘rat race’ – working hard, paying bills day in and day out. But where is the real enjoyment? How can we make time to spend with our family and friends? On top of that, my hubby just told me indirectly today, that he didn’t feel I was working hard enough. I work full-time, manage our household affairs (cleaning, laundry, cooking meals, grocery shopping and so much more), take care of our three kids (ages 4, 14 and 16) and our pup, Winter, work on promoting my childrens’ books (marketing, book readings, etc.), work on a plant-based cookbook for teens, trying to establish a career in writing, taking my dad currently to twice weekly neurofeedback sessions and before that, weekly acupuncture sessions, and visit my parents weekly. Honestly, sometimes I think I will fall into a deep depression.  Right now, as I am writing, my kids are trying to get my attention…the stress!

This will be a short blog. The bottom-line: It is so important to take time for yourself.  We need to recharge our mental batteries, so we can go full steam ahead in this thing called life.  That is the reason why I named my blog page “This thing called life.” Life will throw anything and everything at you to test your strength and will.  To be practical, you can pretend those “things” are baseballs, and swing your bat at them.

BTW – picture above is me (the photographer is my 16-year old son) in a canoe in Emerald Lake, in British Columbia.  This was a mother-son bonding trip. We visited my sister in Calgary, she and her fiancee brought us out to so many breathtaking places like Emerald Lake and Bow Lake in Alberta.  

Have a great day!

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